Welcome to Minima Lab

The work carried out in our laboratories is focused on the preparation and testing of materials organized into micro-and nano-systems. The scientific expertise, as well the skills and facilities available, allow the group to carry on both synthesis and structural/functional characterization of a variety of materials in theform of layers, films and coatings.
Owing to a long-established research activity, major importance is attributed to carbon-based nanomaterials, the study of functional properties, and the design of possible applications. Other materials investigated include Mg, Nb, nitrides (NbN, AlN, C3N4), oxides, such as SiO2, TiO2, Ta2O5.
The submicron- or nano-fabrication schemes involve both self-assemblyand miniaturization approaches. A multidisciplinary character ispreminent in such researches which transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.
Minima is member of a interdipartimental consortium named MINAS Lab. MINASlab (Micro- and Nano-structured Systems lab) has been created as the answer to such interdisciplinary requirements. MINASlab bringstogether a chemistry-oriented group with senior researchers, undergraduate students, PhD students and postdoctoral associates from the fields of Engineering, Physics, and Material Science. The aim of this friendly team is to advance materials research and to develop acompetitive generation of materials researchers with enhanced capabilities in communicating and collaborating across the boundaries of different scientific and technological areas.